Space or lack of it is always a challenging issue. Many owners of older homes and apartments often feel restricted, not seeing the potential of small areas. If opening up the space by taking down walls is not an option there are still many design decisions that can help. With a high prevalence of older, peculiar shaped, homes in New England, Waterware has the experience to help maximize your challenging room.

Small spaces can be difficult for anyone to deal with. The wrong color can be claustrophobic, too much furniture can be disorganized and busy patterns can be confusing. Lighting is also very important especially if your room doesn’t have a window. Bright light and vertical outlines can help to make a room appear larger.

Being prepared with accurate measurements is critical when selecting items for a tiny space. When designing your room be cognizant of open areas. Certain items may technically fit, although they may not be functional when installed. Utilize effective storage to minimize clutter. Exposed shelving provides room for organization while maximizing storage. Recessed storage such as medicine cabinets can utilize space beyond the room providing valuable solutions to clutter. There exists many specialty fixtures for confined residences such as a petite vanities, wall hung vanities, compact elongated toilets and pedestal sinks. While the size of a room may limit options, you can always find a way to work with the room you have.

If your goal is to make a big impact in a little space we welcome you to bring your challenge to us. Let our associates help you navigate through the overwhelming selection process of making your vision become your reality.