Pantone is the authority on color and can be a great source for color information for your home. HGTV, Home and Garden Magazine, and many other design sources heavily rely on Pantone colors. The Pantone matching system provides a universal standardization between manufacturers to ensure a consistent, accurate presentation throughout your home.

Today’s color trend in New England leans towards natural earth tones. Natural earth colors tend to provide a clam, spa like, atmosphere. Use of these natural colors can help set the emotion in each room of your home enhancing your daily lifestyle. Many current designs show that natural earth tones can easily be paired with a modern style allowing you to introduce contemporary fixtures into your traditional home. 

Many people don’t think of being able to use their sink as an accent piece. Refreshing your home with a pop of color can bring your timeless sanctuary into the modern day world. You can reinvent your kitchen in an unexpected way just by changing the color of your sink. No matter what your taste or style of home is when using color, you can easily reflect the mood you are trying to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to decorate with color. White is considered ageless, however color doesn’t necessarily take you back in time. Introducing color into your home can subtly convey different personalities throughout each room. A soothing blue implies security in your child’s bedroom, while a burgundy dining room can convey elegance and extravagance. Invoke emotional reactions with accent walls, fixtures and carefully selected accessories.

When visiting Waterware you will be introduced to creative uses of color throughout our many suites on display. We invite you explore the endless possibilities available to you by visiting any one of our showrooms.