Today’s bathrooms aren’t only used as spa like retreats but are easily becoming more of a luxurious space station. These high tech gadgets and devices might just convince you that living in the modern bathroom is the way to go. Take a look at some of the latest products that bring together technology and design to deliver a sense of relaxation.

Singing in the shower is nothing new, but today you can sing in the shower with your favorite artists. The Moxie shower head with wireless speaker plays up to 7 hours of your favorite music on a single charge. Sync with Bluetooth compatible audio devices to take advantage of all the music you already own. The Moxie is just another way to get energized with your morning shower.

There is never enough time in the morning as it is, now you can easily catch the news with Robern’sTViD medicine cabinet. This futuristic device, encompasses an eight inch wide screen TV right inside the glass for a hidden seamless look. Maximize your storage with the extra space provided by this medicine cabinet while being able tuck away electronics with interior plugs. The TViD brings connected convenience to your bathroom while maintaining an elegant appearance.

The Numi by Kohler boasts an impressive list of features including a motion activated cover and seat. With integrated climate control the Numi boasts a temperature selected heated seat delivering the comfort you deserve. The Numi provides storage of personalized settings for every member of your household. Silently and without effort eliminate embarrassing odors with its charcoal filter deodorizer. Not only does it have all of the classic features of a bidet it also has a night light to gently illuminate the bathroom without turning on the overhead light. Just like all other modern technology the Numi comes with its own Bluetooth connected speakers!

Today digital encompasses almost every part of our busy lives because it provides a sense of connectedness and entertainment. Incorporating digital into your bathroom has never been easier. Visit our Waterware Showrooms to experience the latest digital products from our experts.