When it comes to making a statement for your home color is a common way to go, but if you are looking for an even more dramatic design try adding texture. Texture is a powerful tool for interior design and with this technique you can add an extra dimension that enables a room to satisfy your senses. When designing with texture we are talking about enhancing a smooth surface by incorporating aspects such as a paneled accent wall, rustic wood, tile, metallic finishes and bold patterns that make your room feel complete. Depending on the style of your home you can choose to use natural textures to introduce a classic tone or man made textures to enhance a modern design. It provides a unique way to make your home warm and cozy as well as interesting while providing a visual impact. 

Bathrooms can often be sterile and cold with slick and shiny surfaces. One trick to add texture is to try designing with glass tiles or select plumbing fixtures with intricate details. Even your shower door has the ability to provide texture. Instead of a clear glass door try frosted glass for privacy or etched glass for aesthetics. By introducing contrast into your bathroom you can create an intense dramatic feel.

 In your kitchen a detailed back splash is an interesting way to add a dramatic design element. Granite counter tops provide different applications while allowing you to create your own unique look. You will be amazed at the possible ways you can change the undertone of a room. Even the accent of a butcher-block counter top will add a warm layer to your kitchen.

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