The vanity provides a statement piece when entering your bathroom. Since your bathroom is a separate room, you are able to deviate from your typical style. You can use your vanity to help define the space and your image. You have many options available when considering your design such as material, height, size and function. With the many choices available when it comes to choosing a vanity you’re only limited by the size of your bathroom. From simple to ornate, functional to artistic there is literally something for everyone’s taste. There are even vanities that are considered furniture from the classic antique to the modern minimalist.

Another consideration is how many individuals the bathroom is being designed for? You may need one sink or two. The species of wood can speak to the quality of the room from a rich cherry to a quality oak. Combined with a variety of finishes many unique combinations exist to suit your personal taste. Small and easily overlooked, the hardware can instantly decorate and add attractiveness to the room.

When it comes to choosing a vanity also think about function. With the many options available there is a lot to decide. The most common thought is storage space. Consider daily habits when reviewing the different configurations available such as shared storage vs. individual storage. Storage can be as simple or complex as needed. From empty cabinet space to integrated electrical outlets and makeup storage trays you can customize the storage for your personal taste and habits.

The variety of vanity designs today make it easy to find what you need in terms of design and storage. It is easy to feel overwhelmed when shopping for a vanity. When visiting the Waterware Showroom our sales associates will guide you through an endless array of options custom designed for you.